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12 December 2017 from David Shingler
good evening, has anyone heard about travellers buying land and building a site on fields between the Bekash restaurant and sainsburys? we cant let this happen, we just cant

Reply from Wickford Action Group:
Has anyone else heard anything about this?

20 November 2017, from Russ Mizen
The swan lane surgery has closed. The market road surgery has now been announced to close down. Franklin's way surgery has closed or is due to close. Are there any petitions ongoing to complain that extra houses are due to be built in Wickford but the infrastructure is diminishing not expanding.
If there are any ongoing petitions I will do my utmost to get as many to sign as possible.
Regards, Russ Mizen

Reply from Wickford Action Group:
We agree, the provision of doctors in Wickford is becoming desperate. You will probably know from our Facebook page that many residents are up in arms about it, and our local councillors are also posting comments explaining their actions in this area.
It has always been biggest point made by the Wickford Action Group - that new homes are being built without the supporting infrastructure being in place at the outset. But the fact remains there is a country wide shortage of doctors, and I'm not sure whether a petition would achieve anything.
What do others think?