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01 Aug 2018 YA Housing estate plan for 'The Belvedere' in Billericay
31 Jul 2018 Echo Site for thousands of extra homes needed
27 Jul 2018 Echo New homes total for Basildon may reach 24,000
25 Jul 2018 Echo New cinema for Basildon town centre
24 Jul 2018 Echo Travellers thrown off land in Wickford
19 Jul 2018 Echo Number of houses to be built in Basildon may increase by 4,000
11 Jul 2018 Echo Rail line to be upgraded
26 Jun 2018 Echo Frustration at housing plan delay
08 Jun 2018 YA Basildon Tory councillors send local plan back to committee
01 Jun 2018 YA Basildon Tories silent on whether housing minister backs Local Plan recall
28 May 2018 Echo 20,000 house plan could be thrown out
25 May 2018 YA Basildon Tories call extraordinary council meeting to rescind Local Plan
10 May 2018 Echo Two giant pub chains set to open in Wickford
10 May 2018 Echo Community group ready to move to new home
22 Apr 2018 Sunday Times Red, Blue or UKIP, it's a roll of the dice in 'Bas Vegas'
10 Apr 2018 Echo New party is fielding 2 candidates in Basildon elections
29 Mar 2018 Echo Review into failing road (A130) and waste schemes
28 Mar 2018 YA YA investigation reveals which Basildon councillors produce most case-work
27 Mar 2018 Echo 67 home mini estate planned for Twinstead in Wickford
23 Mar 2018 YA Basildon Local Plan approved, as Councillors trade insults
22 Mar 2018 YA Tory amendments fail over travellers, Hovefields and Billericay
20 Mar 2018 Echo Basildon Local Plan approved as hundreds pack out meeting
13 Mar 2018 YA Councillors heckled by fuming residents as Local Plan meeting is abandoned
08 Mar 2018 YA Basildon books Towngate Theatre for Local Plan meeting
07 Mar 2018 Echo Basildon Council housing plans slammed as 'outrageous'
06 Mar 2018 Echo One in three housing applications rejected in Basildon
06 Feb 2018 Echo £55,000 for CCTV in 3 Basildon parks, including Wickford
27 Jan 2018 Echo Former hostel to be torn down to make way for flats in Wickford
25 Jan 2018 Echo Push for park CCTV to stop vandalism
16 Jan 2018 YA Government orders Basildon to consider congestion charges on A127
10 Jan 2018 YA Council leader on his alleged vendetta against Billericay
02 Jan 2018 YA Council labour leader reports entire Conservative group to Standards Committee
20 Dec 2017 Echo Illegal development of caravan site is halted
29 Nov 2017 YA Bas Council set to challenge as new gov. housing target increases by 4,000
20 Nov 2017 YA Government intervenes in Bas Council Local Plan failure
15 Nov 2017 Echo 5,000 patients to find new doctor - Wickford's SECM closure confirmed
10 Nov 2017 YA Anger as Essex CC streetlight replacement budget runs out after 7 months
27 Oct 2017 YA Tories fail to protect our GP services
19 Oct 2017 YA Meeting hears 5000 Wickford residents must find new GP in January
07 Aug 2017 YA Basildon Council U-turns on plan to cut green-belt housing
27 Jul 2017 YA Basildon criticises Braintree over failure to take fair share of gypsy sites
25 Jul 2017 Echo Regeneration fund for town could be slashed
12 Jul 2017 Echo New £2m surgery opens up in town
06 Jul 2017 Echo Traveller encampments in Basildon rose 800% since Harlow injunctions
02 Jul 2017 Echo Roger Hirst hosts public meeting about crime issues in Wickford

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